The Upper East is the second poorest region in (Ghana GLSS 5, 2006) with an estimated poverty rate of about 70% of the population. The country average is about 29% (GLSS 6, 2014). We attribute this in most part to the poor service delivery by the public sector & the neglect of some critical sectors such business & trade, and culture & the creative industry. We are of the conviction that the only way to get to alleviate the hardship from these communities is through the local governance institutions. The way forward is to involve the local people in their own development. We have observed that about 80% of the region is rural and depends largely on the public sector for most of its services eg. education and health.

To ensure efficiency, TEERE believes that citizen participation and engagement in every stage of the governance strata would ensure a sustainable improvement in public service delivery which will impact positively on the growth of other sectors and the local economy in general. This would further lead to an improvement in the economic wellbeing of the population.

We target all the citizenry with much focus on women, youth, PWDs, the poor, the marginalized and disadvantaged, ethnic minorities, PLHIV/AIDS. They would have access to a platform to interact amongst each other and their duty-bearers within their communities about developmental and welfare issues. They would also have the opportunity to demand accountability and transparency from their leaders. Again, they would be the beneficiaries of the government policy document that would have their views and opinions therefore ensuring an all-inclusive policy. Among other things we collaborate with state and state actors, engage our stakeholders, strengthen our M&E system, conduct baseline studies and encourage the institution of excellence awards programme as part of our methods to achieve our set objectives.

Apart from some state actors such as the Public Service Commission (PSC) and the Local Government Service (LGS), National Association of Local Authorities of Ghana (NALAG). There are also non-state actors in our areas of interventions that we collaborate with.

  •   Ministries Block, Box 373.
    Bolgatanga, Upper East Region (UER),
    Ghana. West Africa
  •   +233 382-021-907
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TEERE started initially as a non-registered community mobilization organization. It provided remedial education, counseled youth on educational opportunities and facilitated the admission of many others. Starting 2011, it has been working with low-income...

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