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In TEERE, we believe the level of development in societies reflects the extent to which women have been empowered politically and economically. Women are the voice of society that echo its true needs hence are major stakeholders in both local and national governance and need to be major actors in policy making. Economically empowered women do not only reflect that more than half of the population is empowered but more so, the next generation have the means to escape the cycle of poverty. Unfortunately, this cannot be said to be the case in our society especially rural Ghana though some progress has been made. It is therefore a call to duty for individuals, organizations and governments to make that consistent effort to make the voice of our women heard both politically and economically.

Women especially rural women face bias and unequal treatment in terms of access to land and natural resources, infrastructure and services, decent work and social protection. Again, the fundamental rights of all women and girls must be protected. All forms of violence against women and girls including rural communities must be eradicated. In Ghana, Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and Child Marriage must end now.

On this day, TEERE would like to assure the industrious women of Ghana on our relentless efforts in exploring all avenues to create platforms such as the TEERE Local Government Forum (TLGF) to enhance women participation in the decision making process at the local level with the overall objective of influencing policy reforms. For this to be achieved however, the Ghanaian woman has to believe in herself hence the need to vigorously provide assistance to our women in the Local Economies such as farming, basketry, smock material weaving and so on in our operating areas and beyond.

Whiles we look into a brighter political and economic future for our Ghanaian women, we celebrate the contributions of every woman to our societies. We celebrate the efforts all women who have to weave baskets and hats, farm especially in the dry season, brew pito and so on to raise our next generational leaders. You are as strong as the cooperate woman or the politician pushing political and economic boundaries.

TEERE wishes to salute all women across the globe. We acknowledge their enormous contribution to world peace, understanding and development. We urge all government institutions, civil society organisations and the private sector in Ghana and elsewhere on the globe to commit more resources to the agenda of women.


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TEERE started initially as a non-registered community mobilization organization. It provided remedial education, counseled youth on educational opportunities and facilitated the admission of many others. Starting 2011, it has been working with low-income...

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