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Impact Studies Undertaken in Upper East.

As part of effort made to promote transparency and accountability in the management of the disability fund, a monetary evaluation to account for the utilization of funds disbursed to members of the Ghana Federation of Disability Organization (GFD) under the District Assemblies Common Fund (DACF) has been undertaken.

The impact studies conducted by TEERE a Non – Governmental and the GFD brought together GFDs members from 7 districts in the upper east region to give testimonies about the benefits they had derived from the (DACF).
The performance review exercise started in the Talensi District and ended in the Builsa South District.
The beneficiaries were interviewed on various issues including the amount received, what it was used for and whether the amount was sufficient for the intended purpose for which they applied.
A beneficiary from the Talensi district, Madam Mary Limahame, age 18 and a SHS level said she used her portion of the fund to start a provisions store and cement sale which she is able to make profit from the sales to help pay her fees and take care of her needs.
According to madam Limahame there should be more transparency in the fund and urged government to extend this support to other communities and districts.
Another beneficiary from the Talensi, Mr. Sampana, married with five children disclosed that he used the fund in rearing of sheep, groundnut and millet farming, saying his farm yield has improved and livestock are reproducing which he has started selling them to cater for his family.
Mr. Sampana said, his challenges was lack of transparency and he was not given the exact amount he requested for because of disbursement of cash. He encouraged the use of cheque and more transparency.
Mr. Yillap Moses Kolibit a beneficiary said he used the portion of the fund to make a container in which he sells phone accessories and operate mobile money, according to Moses he had no source of income but now he makes money from his business but the amount was insufficient.
Madam Fati Amadu a beneficiary from the Bongo District indicated that the funds has made a great impact in her life, now she is able to cater for her needs and support her kids in school, she added that there should be a strategy to support them take to expand their business.
Another beneficiary Madam, Agnes Aganazure from Bongo stated that the fund has empowered her to establish a small business that is assisting her take care of her children needs but further said the fund given are in sufficient.
Madam Agnes urged the government to increase the funds and train them more in improving entrepreneurship and book – keeping.
Funds given to some beneficiaries are insufficient and cannot make any impact in the lives of PWDs and their family’s whiles some beneficiaries did not receive the amount they requested for from the Assemblies. `
This project was supported by the French embassy in Ghana

Madam Mary Limahame, an 18year old beneficiary of the fund in her provisions shop

Madam Agnes used the fund to set up a fashion boutique

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